learning standards (COmmon Core)

The Learning Standards (Common Core) Task Force strives to facilitate opportunities for P-12 and higher education to discuss, analyze, and identify today's educational goals. The Learning Standards (Common Core) task force will create an infrastructure for ongoing dialogue between secondary and post-secondary faculty, school counselors, college admissions staff and business professionals regarding what "college and career ready" means at different grade levels. Additionally, creating and/or better aligning various student outcomes, assessment principles, and mechanisms can be accomplished.

    • Developing and incentivizing the work of faculty councils (with secondary and post-secondary instructors), which will subsequently interface with counselors, admissions staff and business professionals
    • Encouraging college/university presidents and deans to commit to full participation, which will provide some of the incentive for post-secondary and then secondary school faculty to come into the process
    • Creating a template or set of guiding principles for effectively building these elements into partnerships (in accord with the Partnerships task force)
    • Articulating and advocating for how this infrastructure can mitigate against state and other accrediting bodies pre-defining standards and their assessment


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